Several years of treatment has impacted my life as a whole. This past year with over a year of trying to have kids, Cornerstone helped me through a surgery and my pregnancy. My labor was 14 total hours, he came in 15 minutes! I fully believe chiropractic care was the main reason for an easy pregnancy and birth.

Taylor G.


Since starting chiropractic care at Cornerstone, I believe that my overall life has improved. The staff's contagious smiles and positive attitudes always make my day better. Throughout my care here, my fatigue levels have drastically improved. I have had less sinus/allergy and overall health issues. I genuinely feel healthy and ready to conquer each day. I am thankful that I crossed paths with Cornerstone and I can't wait to see how my health journey continues to improve with each visit. I have experienced less jaw problems, improved digestion, less headaches, less fatigue, less back pain, and overall more mobility.

Link C.


Link has a sensory processing disorder but we are seeing BIG improvements in this area. He can still get upset quickly but it has gotten easier to get him to calm down. Where he used to just blow up we can get him to count to calm down or take a deep breath on his own now. His colds and allergies have improved greatly with chiropractic care as well.

Isaiah E.


Isaiah has regular bowel movements now, and he no longer has to sleep elevated for reflux. He hasn't had an ear infection in over a year. His eczema is limited to his arms now and he is no longer allergic to dairy and soy.